Bad Effects of Reading Ebooks

I start reading some ebooks or research papers. Then i go to search something in google. Then i think i should go to facebook and yes… after an hour i find myself in facebook. I have studied almost nothing !

Exam is getting closer. Lot more thesis work to do. But still wasting time in the way i described above! 😦


4 responses to “Bad Effects of Reading Ebooks

  1. LOL….

    print the ebook, study from hard copies. it will work. or, turn your internet connection off 😀

  2. yaah.. but i check too many books. specially those subjects i like! 😦
    I need to sell my laptop to print all those books 😛

  3. Yes, it’s not good to read ebooks when you have exams, because as you said, you would do anything else, but to read… I was in the same situation last year, when I had my big exam, the issue was that I downloaded many ebooks from all you can books and I learned almost nothing. Because of this, it’s better to put away your PC and Laptop and read what is essential.

  4. thanks!

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