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Understanding Limit

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LHC and GRID Computing

CERN has posted a new video on youtube. They explain how powerful is the GRID being used by Large Hadron Collider at CERN. You can also see the cern computer center and the first server which was created when world wide web was invented in CERN. They also have some updates about their recent results and conferences.

Set Fire To The Rain

Really loving the song Set Fire to the rain by Adele. Don’t know how many times i have already listened it. Here is one from youtube with lyrics

125 GeV Higgs Rumor

Latest rumor about Higgs is both ATLAS and CMS  found the evidence of Higgs boson with mass 125 GeV. Its expected that CERN will announce the status of Higgs boson search on 13th December of this month.  You can read the detail analysis on Philip Gibbs posts about this rumor & what a 125 GeV Higgs can tell us.  Also check Lubos Motl’s blog.

Daum Equation Editor : A Powerful Chrome App

Just found a powerful equation editor Daum Equation Editor which is an application for  google chrome.  Visual editor has almost everything you need and when you keep writing equations from your browser,  it converts the equation is Tex format at the bottom. So you can create equations and save them in Tex format without knowing Latex.

Link :  Daum Equation Editor