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Set Fire To The Rain

Really loving the song Set Fire to the rain by Adele. Don’t know how many times i have already listened it. Here is one from youtube with lyrics


Sherlock Holmes of 21st Century

How would Sherlock Holmes of this century look like? How would Dr. John Watson look like ? If you want see that then watch Sherlock ( 2010)  British TV serial. Three episodes were aired . Each of them are one and half hours long. You can find them in DVDs. Recently i watched it & really enjoyed it. They now ride cars, use phones, text each other. Sherlock searches things frequently online. Sherlock has a website named The Science of Deduction and Dr. Watson writes a Blog. Those site and blog were really created. Sherlock has an advanced forensic lab and still can tell a lot of things just after observing someone. So if you are a fan (or hater ) of Sherlock Holmes you should watch it.